Alejandra Alfaro Alfieri

Alejandra Alfaro Alfieri
Buenos Aires, 29 of march 1989
Poet, writer and Argentine narrator.


"De la mente al corazón"
"Profunda Eternidad" 
"Creadora" (with poet writer Tomás Morilla Massieu)

Although she spent most of her youth in Perú, where she would begin her first artistic steps in the Autonomous School of Fine Arts, she decided to travel to Spain on a youthful impulse, to then be installed in late 2011 in Italy, where she was professionally trained as a community leader. Her title of social operator led to further her studies in sociology, professional carrer that she studied for at the University of Rome, La Sapienza.

Alejandra in 2010 wrote her first collection of phrases "De la mente al corazón". Some of the poems are part of literary anthologies in Italy. She is currently writing Cuentos de amores perdidos and her first novel La mujer con el corazón de universo”.


alejandra alfaro alfieri biography

alejandra alfaro alfieri biography

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Libro de Poesia romántica cósmica universal; poemas de amores perdidos en el tiempo. 
"Profunda Eternidad"

Profunda Eternidad - Alejandra Alfaro Alfieri
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